Friday, July 18, 2008

OCD, toddler-style

Jaxon has "groups" of cars that he plays with. We must already have a collection of 20 or so Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars that all go together in a box at the end of the day--but Jaxon pulls out certain groups in the mornings. There are the cars Grandma Dina gave him, the cars Daddy gave him, the tractors, the trucks/SUVs, the two yellow cars that Grandma Ann gave him... and a group of what's left over. He used to be pretty neurotic about it--but I've noticed that the groups are at least starting to "play" together, although if they separate, they still separate into their designated groups. Quirkiness or neuroticism? He spends a lot of time lining them up nicely, too.

The cars are making ever-increasing trips into odd places. They used to end up in my Tupperware and baking dishes, but I found two tucked under the blankets on my side of the bed the other evening, and some in the broiler drawer yesterday.

Today marked the final stand against the highchair. Jaxon now refuses to sit in it, and will move his food from the highchair tray to the kitchen table so he can sit there now.

Jaxon, sitting at the "big boy" table a few weeks ago. Pardon the laundry in the background.

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