Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuzzy Slipper Friday

Its about a trazillion times better than Hawaiian Shirt Fridays--and its a potluck, so if you're heading over, you'd better have some food.

A special FSF shout-out to Jenneah and Wes, him who is Puma-licious. Go getchya getchya getchya getchya getchya fuzzy on.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Announcing the newest member of the Ruiz family

...NO I did not sneak a baby in under everyone's noses. Oh, isn't he the most delicious little pupper you've ever seen?

He's a 12-week-old Greyhound, with the original name of "Tiger", then "Edward"--and I am telling you, he is neither of those names, people! Preston wants to name him Hendrix, I'm mulling it over. I keep looking at him, thinking "Hendrix? Are you Hendrix?" And of course, he doesn't respond because a) he doesn't care, and, b) I'm thinking it. He is all legs... it's humorous. And when he sits on his little bottom, his legs almost reach his ears, I kid you not. Don't even get me started on how absolutely, positively goofy this dog is.

He is adorable, and stiiiiiiinky. He is so unbelievably both of those things, all mixed into one cuddly little stinkfest--and he is lying a few inches from me at this very moment, completely oblivious to both of these facts--because he is sleeping. And farting. Did I mention how utterly CUTE this dog is?

Oh yeah, and let's take the cuteness level of this post, crank it up to 11, and throw in a picture of Jaxon with a potato. "Why a potato?" you may ask, and I wouldn't blame you. All the cool kids are doing it, and if you have or have ever had any ambition to be cool... you'd get yourself a potato STAT!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'll take a "W", Pat

Let's go ahead and add a "W" to that SAHM... Yeah, that's right, I got my work-at-home job (in case you're wondering, that makes me a WAHM--which besides being worth more (I believe) on the scrabble board, just sounds soooo much more important). I seem to have lost my remote access for the moment, and am waiting for an IT-competent personage to restore it, whenever they, you know... decide to show up at the office. In the meantime, please enjoy a small sampling of how "its" going so far.

J: Mommy
M: Not now, Mommy's WORKING
J: Mo-oooommy
M: Not now
J: Tooooo Yooooouuuu
M: Happy Birthday to you...
J: Mommy
J: I working
M: Good, me too
J: Toooooo Yoooooouuuuu
M: I said "Me too"
J: Toooooo Yooooooouuuuu
M: Happy Birthday to you... HEY, we DO NOT stab our stuffed animals with pencils. That's my WORKING pencil, DON'T YOU DARE WRITE ON THAT WALL! JAXON ROBERT!!!
J: Tooooooo You!

Yeah, and he's only been up, like, an hour.

Mental Health: Questionable

Friday, August 22, 2008

And while we're on it...

That is, the topic of Jaxon's absolute adorableness (I doubt that's a real word)... enjoy this old home video.

So sleepy

Holy cuteness, Batman!

This entry is so full of Jaxon's adorable antics, you may just need to have a marshmallow to cut down on the sweetness.
Jaxon and I were sitting on the couch the other morning (okay, I was sitting on the couch, and he accosted me, while imploring "SNUGGLES, Mommy! SNUGGLES!"), so anyhow, we came to be sitting UPON the couch together, reading a Parents magazine, and he got to studying a picture of a pork chop with sauteed onions and cranberries (I can say "studying" without fear of contradiction, because he had his nose mooshed up against the picture). He then did this little tongue in-and-out action, that I suppose is meant to indicate that he found the picture delicious, because it was accompanied by "yummy, yummy" and a tummy-rub--his, not mine. Here follows the rest of the conversation, so it's not all mooshed into one paragraph.
J: Yummy, yummy (here is the tummy-rub--his, not mine)
M: Oh, yes... that looks yummy
J: (Pointing to sauteed onion) NOODLE!
M: That does look like a noodle, doesn't it?
J: (Pointing to cranberry. Pause.)
M: What's that?
I'm not sure if I should laugh, or be concerned that a cranberry looks like a booger to him.

Later the same morning, Jaxon accompanied me to my room while I got dressed. While I brushed my teeth, he began studying the clothes I laid out for myself--most particularly, my underwear. Just as it was beginning to cross that line from simple toddler curiosity into a weird interest in the construction of women's undergarments, he held the underwear aloft and declared "Diaper!"
Well, there you have it.

Yesterday, I had just finished a marathon of cleaning and was sprawled out on the couch, trying to cool off, when Jaxon once again accosted me (again, demanding "SNUGGLES, Mommy! SNUGGLES!"). So I scooped him up and he buried his little face into my neck and said "I flufferfly (butterfly) you, Mommy! BzzzzzzZzzzZZZ BZZZZZ!"
Oh, I butterfly him, too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Proof SuperMom exists.

SuperMom... lightning-fast cleaner!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another week gone

So, wow--its been a whole week since I last updated. It went by fast. We had Joyce and Kyle here from Wednesday until Saturday morning--it sure was good to see them! Jaxon kept everyone entertained with his antics. He walked around all day Thursday saying "Ouch, hurt! Sorry Mama". I'm proud that he's putting sentences together so well... but he could have chosen some better phrases.

Jaxon got up this morning with his "Tara mankie" (the blanket Auntie Tara made him) and has been dragging it behind him all day.
He's been in a rare mood today (okay, maybe not so rare lately--he's turned into such a sassy kid!), but I did manage to get a kiss from him this morning. He also kept himself busy, admiring himself in the mirror, while I made lunch.

While I'm going through my pictures, enjoy some of him hamming it up at Pizza Hut last weekend. He decided the basket made a good hat.

Monday, August 11, 2008


We met up with Mom, Erin, Shane, Shawn, Elmo and his family at Canyon Lake Friday and Saturday. It kinda took the edge off getting older, and it was nice to spend my birthday with the family. Jaxon totally dug the lake, and I wish I had remembered to take my camera. We barbecued (well, Elmo did) on Saturday, and Jaxon (who is usually such a little birdy eater) ate three hot dogs. I kept thinking that he was going to throw up everything on our way back home, but he didn't.
Jaxon woke up before three this morning, and when I went in to check on him--he told me "I'm mad". We came out to the family room to hash out his problems so that Preston could get some sleep, and we didn't end up going back to bed until almost five. I still don't know what made him mad, but it makes me laugh now (apparently almost everything that happens that early in the morning is funnier after you've had a bit more sleep).

Friday, August 8, 2008


Asking for prayers for my cousin Jared and the family.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dell Inspiron 1720 review

The new notebook came in yesterday (Preston's is still held up in production), and I will say that I'm pleasantly surprised. As many of you know, we have purchased several Dell computers (both notebooks and desktops) over the years (mostly owing to Preston's enrollment in the University of Phoenix, he gets a promo discount as a student there), and we haven't had much luck. The computer literally took minutes to completely set up (the hardest part was getting it out of the box!), and Vista doesn't seem all that bad (I know, says Johnny come lately, after they work the bugs out, huh?), its certainly easy to navigate. The screen doesn't catch too much glare, even in my bright family room, and the base has been doing a good job of keeping itself cool (we did buy a cool pad for it, however--since I'll be working on it full-time), issues we had with previous computers straightaway. Oh, and there didn't seem to be as much in the way of "crap software" to delete. A lot of "Netzero" and "Earthlink" downloads, but they were easy enough to uninstall. I love the microsatin finish, and the brown is pretty enough. I've heard a lot of negativity about the touchpad, which is adjustable, by the way, and I don't seem to have any issues with it after a few initial flubs. Maybe I'm just used to Dell's touchpads?
I will say, though, that the latch system is certainly cheesy, and the notebook itself is a bit heavy (we opted for the 17" screen, so I suppose that's expected?), but since I plan on using it as an at-home work computer, that shouldn't be an issue.
All in all, especially taking into account the deal that we got on this thing... I'm pretty happy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday. Is it Wednesday? I think so.

The Bee Scientist knew what he was talking about--our winged buddies left yesterday, and missed a monster wind storm last night (I'm kinda bummed--I would have liked to see how they would have fared in that wind).

Jaxon got a wild hair and decided to get up about 5 this morning, and we're still going strong, although he's pretty whiny today. He's currently standing next to me, crying for the phone. *Sigh* This is going to throw our whole day off, because he's probably going to need a morning nap (which he usually doesn't take anymore), and that will push his afternoon nap back, which means he won't be ready for bed at his normal time.

Some videos from last night:

Jaxon and Daddy doing push ups, and Jaxon and his ferocious beast. Yeah, that's right, I said ferocious beast...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bee Update

The bees are still enjoying our back yard. Preston spoke to a "Bee Scientist" (you can really make that your career?) who said that the Queen Bee has landed in our back yard and is resting for 2-3 days, then she should decide to leave and the rest will follow. He did add that he'd be more than happy to come remove them for the nominal fee of $500.00. Uh, no thanks, Mr. Bee Scientist--we'll wait this one out.

So--since I'm staring at the interior of my house, ya'll should be too! Here's some pictures (yeah, I know... we've been here since November, but better late than never!)

Let me just say here that my kitchen is usually not even that sterile-looking, but Preston had cleaned everything off the countertops.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Crab, life jackets and bees

We went out for an early birthday dinner Saturday night, and here's some leftovers...

Yeah, be jealous--it was delicious.

We spent yesterday at Bass Pro Shops, Jaxon loves to watch the fish there and we had to buy him a life jacket for our lake trip this coming weekend. He hates it.

THEN I got up this morning to this:

Bees! I'm so grossed out, there's like this huge black mass of bees swarming in our tree in the back yard, and they're attacking birds! Preston's working on getting a bee removal service out here to take care of them before they kill someone (I keep having flashbacks to "My Girl" here). Ugh!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Almost the weekend!

We did go to WalMart, and I was the very model (of a modern major general) of patience and goodwill toward my fellow shoppers. Or at least I tried, I didn't have to "cart-bump" anyone, at any rate.

I'm so glad its Friday, and I'm looking forward to the weekend--I don't think we have any plans, but it will be nice to have Preston here to help out with Jaxon so I can get some stuff done around the house, if nothing else. We have plans to meet Mom and Elmo and some other family (I don't know who yet) out at Canyon Lake next Saturday, so that should be fun!

On a Mommy note--we put Jaxon to bed last night somewhat late, so I wasn't surprised when he didn't throw a fit when we turned off the light (thinking he'd conked out straightaway). I took my shower, brushed my teeth--you know, all that fun stuff... and was getting ready to turn in myself, when Preston and I heard these funny little noises from Jaxon's room. Cracking the door open, we could see him lying in his crib with a "carsie" (Jaxonspeak for car) he'd managed to take to bed with him, "vrooming" it across the sheets. Too funny to watch him playing in his own little world, I had never really seen the purpose of nightvision cameras, but now I wish I had one.