Thursday, August 28, 2008

Announcing the newest member of the Ruiz family

...NO I did not sneak a baby in under everyone's noses. Oh, isn't he the most delicious little pupper you've ever seen?

He's a 12-week-old Greyhound, with the original name of "Tiger", then "Edward"--and I am telling you, he is neither of those names, people! Preston wants to name him Hendrix, I'm mulling it over. I keep looking at him, thinking "Hendrix? Are you Hendrix?" And of course, he doesn't respond because a) he doesn't care, and, b) I'm thinking it. He is all legs... it's humorous. And when he sits on his little bottom, his legs almost reach his ears, I kid you not. Don't even get me started on how absolutely, positively goofy this dog is.

He is adorable, and stiiiiiiinky. He is so unbelievably both of those things, all mixed into one cuddly little stinkfest--and he is lying a few inches from me at this very moment, completely oblivious to both of these facts--because he is sleeping. And farting. Did I mention how utterly CUTE this dog is?

Oh yeah, and let's take the cuteness level of this post, crank it up to 11, and throw in a picture of Jaxon with a potato. "Why a potato?" you may ask, and I wouldn't blame you. All the cool kids are doing it, and if you have or have ever had any ambition to be cool... you'd get yourself a potato STAT!


Anonymous said...

I'm still a little concerned about the potato!! Yeah... Hmmm... I dunno what to say about it other than I am concerned!!

Aunt Jenny ;:) (the top ones are my eyebrows just in case you didn't get it!! i have one raised...)

Trezise Momma said...

Hello sister-guess what? I have joined the ranks of the 21st century and I have a blog spot. Be carful, I just might get cooler than you. Oh, never mind, that was me becoming a little over zealous. Your new baby is very cute. Hopefully he grows into his limbs and out of his stinkiness! We can't wait to meet him in person tomorrow. Anyway, check out my
It is not as awe inspiring as yours, but who can contend with a new job, a cute kid, and a new puppy? Love ya and can't wait to see you guys on the morrow. drive safe.