Monday, August 4, 2008

Crab, life jackets and bees

We went out for an early birthday dinner Saturday night, and here's some leftovers...

Yeah, be jealous--it was delicious.

We spent yesterday at Bass Pro Shops, Jaxon loves to watch the fish there and we had to buy him a life jacket for our lake trip this coming weekend. He hates it.

THEN I got up this morning to this:

Bees! I'm so grossed out, there's like this huge black mass of bees swarming in our tree in the back yard, and they're attacking birds! Preston's working on getting a bee removal service out here to take care of them before they kill someone (I keep having flashbacks to "My Girl" here). Ugh!!!

1 comment:

Fringers said...

I would be so scared to go outside! Hopefully you can get them removed ASAP!