Friday, August 22, 2008

Holy cuteness, Batman!

This entry is so full of Jaxon's adorable antics, you may just need to have a marshmallow to cut down on the sweetness.
Jaxon and I were sitting on the couch the other morning (okay, I was sitting on the couch, and he accosted me, while imploring "SNUGGLES, Mommy! SNUGGLES!"), so anyhow, we came to be sitting UPON the couch together, reading a Parents magazine, and he got to studying a picture of a pork chop with sauteed onions and cranberries (I can say "studying" without fear of contradiction, because he had his nose mooshed up against the picture). He then did this little tongue in-and-out action, that I suppose is meant to indicate that he found the picture delicious, because it was accompanied by "yummy, yummy" and a tummy-rub--his, not mine. Here follows the rest of the conversation, so it's not all mooshed into one paragraph.
J: Yummy, yummy (here is the tummy-rub--his, not mine)
M: Oh, yes... that looks yummy
J: (Pointing to sauteed onion) NOODLE!
M: That does look like a noodle, doesn't it?
J: (Pointing to cranberry. Pause.)
M: What's that?
I'm not sure if I should laugh, or be concerned that a cranberry looks like a booger to him.

Later the same morning, Jaxon accompanied me to my room while I got dressed. While I brushed my teeth, he began studying the clothes I laid out for myself--most particularly, my underwear. Just as it was beginning to cross that line from simple toddler curiosity into a weird interest in the construction of women's undergarments, he held the underwear aloft and declared "Diaper!"
Well, there you have it.

Yesterday, I had just finished a marathon of cleaning and was sprawled out on the couch, trying to cool off, when Jaxon once again accosted me (again, demanding "SNUGGLES, Mommy! SNUGGLES!"). So I scooped him up and he buried his little face into my neck and said "I flufferfly (butterfly) you, Mommy! BzzzzzzZzzzZZZ BZZZZZ!"
Oh, I butterfly him, too.

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Fringers said...

Don't you just LOVE how their little minds think? He is so cute!