Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'll take a "W", Pat

Let's go ahead and add a "W" to that SAHM... Yeah, that's right, I got my work-at-home job (in case you're wondering, that makes me a WAHM--which besides being worth more (I believe) on the scrabble board, just sounds soooo much more important). I seem to have lost my remote access for the moment, and am waiting for an IT-competent personage to restore it, whenever they, you know... decide to show up at the office. In the meantime, please enjoy a small sampling of how "its" going so far.

J: Mommy
M: Not now, Mommy's WORKING
J: Mo-oooommy
M: Not now
J: Tooooo Yooooouuuu
M: Happy Birthday to you...
J: Mommy
J: I working
M: Good, me too
J: Toooooo Yoooooouuuuu
M: I said "Me too"
J: Toooooo Yooooooouuuuu
M: Happy Birthday to you... HEY, we DO NOT stab our stuffed animals with pencils. That's my WORKING pencil, DON'T YOU DARE WRITE ON THAT WALL! JAXON ROBERT!!!
J: Tooooooo You!

Yeah, and he's only been up, like, an hour.

Mental Health: Questionable

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