Monday, August 11, 2008


We met up with Mom, Erin, Shane, Shawn, Elmo and his family at Canyon Lake Friday and Saturday. It kinda took the edge off getting older, and it was nice to spend my birthday with the family. Jaxon totally dug the lake, and I wish I had remembered to take my camera. We barbecued (well, Elmo did) on Saturday, and Jaxon (who is usually such a little birdy eater) ate three hot dogs. I kept thinking that he was going to throw up everything on our way back home, but he didn't.
Jaxon woke up before three this morning, and when I went in to check on him--he told me "I'm mad". We came out to the family room to hash out his problems so that Preston could get some sleep, and we didn't end up going back to bed until almost five. I still don't know what made him mad, but it makes me laugh now (apparently almost everything that happens that early in the morning is funnier after you've had a bit more sleep).

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