Monday, August 18, 2008

Another week gone

So, wow--its been a whole week since I last updated. It went by fast. We had Joyce and Kyle here from Wednesday until Saturday morning--it sure was good to see them! Jaxon kept everyone entertained with his antics. He walked around all day Thursday saying "Ouch, hurt! Sorry Mama". I'm proud that he's putting sentences together so well... but he could have chosen some better phrases.

Jaxon got up this morning with his "Tara mankie" (the blanket Auntie Tara made him) and has been dragging it behind him all day.
He's been in a rare mood today (okay, maybe not so rare lately--he's turned into such a sassy kid!), but I did manage to get a kiss from him this morning. He also kept himself busy, admiring himself in the mirror, while I made lunch.

While I'm going through my pictures, enjoy some of him hamming it up at Pizza Hut last weekend. He decided the basket made a good hat.

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Trezise Momma said...

Someone who really loves Jaxon must have made him that awesome "mankie".