Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fade to Black

So the side of my toe turned black yesterday. Its been hurting in that precise spot for, oh, going on a month or so now--so was I surprised by this sudden change in color? Nah.
I told Preston about my toe, expecting sympathy, a diamond bracelet and some chocolate, and he remembered that, whilst prancing through the family room a few nights ago, I happened upon (literally) a slightly exposed carpet tack. He wondered if the decorative toe was a part of the same foot.
No, of course not. I distinctly remember it being the other foot. Definitely, definitely the other foot.
But my whole leg hurts now, so if I keel over from lockjaw or blood poisoning or cholera or tuberculosis or botulism or gangrene or leprosy any time soon--tell Preston I may not have been 100% on that last part.

This picture doesn't do the purpley-black color justice, I'm almost proud of the ick factor on this one...

Hendrix's verdict?

1 comment:

Joyce said...

I thought you finally got your toes all better. That was short lived. Your poor feet!! Love you!!