Friday, September 12, 2008

Fuzzy Slipper Friday--the Rant edition

Happy FSF! We will start our FSF with a small rant. A small two-part rant:

1. No food. Uh, hello--I thought I made it perfectly clear that this was a potluck. And yet... no food.

2. No remote connection. Actually, no, that is misleading. There is a remote connection, but it is slllllloooooow--and I strongly dislike taking 10 minutes to enter one claim, which, incongruously, actually seems to cause me and the system to make more mistakes--sorry Joyce. That rant right there is directed to you IT guys out there, the ones that will never read my blog.

Okay then. On to the Fuzzy Slipper portion of FSF.

Ah, here they are at the back door. Because that's where I've been all fooking morning, letting the dog in. And then out. Then in. And out. And in. Maybe out again. Let's try in... no, I want to stay out. It's a sick mind game.

And here are my fuzzy slippers contemplating our orange suitcase. Because because because because... I'M GOING TO HAWAII!!! Whuuuut? I know, and if I were Oprah--ya'll would be going too. Also a car, and a box of chocolate, perhaps some money and perfume.

Preston was ordered to go for work, and decided that he'd take Jaxon and I right along with him. So--we'll be basking in the tropical sun (as opposed to the sun sun) sometime ________, and will be gone for ________________ [this information is now classified for security reasons upon Preston's request.] Except I'll still be working, and Preston will be working, and I'm sure I'll put Jaxon to work too. Kids gotta earn his keep at some point.

And a big "thank you" to those of you who expressed concern for my toe. Toe, foot and leg are all still firmly attached, and the toe remains the only part that has turned color.

That does it for this edition of Fuzzy Slipper Friday. Keep in mind that I may not remember to update as often in HAWAII, because I'll be too busy playing on the beach and reveling in the cooler temperatures and the rain and fruity drinks and macadamia nuts and flipflops.

I must go let the hound in again, and so--goodbye.


Colin said...

i laughed the whole way through. nice work! enjoy hawaii

Joyce said...

You are going to Hawaii!! I have worked for this company for seven long years and they never sent me there. Of course I wouldn't want to go to the office, there are people I would have to hurt there. I only worked two hour today because the system problems. If I get any refund requests with your name on them little missy, I am coming in person to decuss them. Hee-hee!! When do you leave?? Love you.