Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goodbyes... and Hellos

We left Hawaii yesterday afternoon and arrived in Phoenix at midnight. Barely. Remember 12 days ago when I blogged in such a light-hearted tone about making it to Hawaii, and nobody threatened to throw Jaxon from an emergency exit?
Ooooohhhhh... how naive I was.
We took our seats on the plane, Jaxon sat on my lap and proceeded to gabble on about the plane, the purple truck, the turtle (turtle?), "Knuckles, plane!" *THUNK*, "Muahses, plane!" *Smooch*
And once again, Preston and I were giving eachother surreptitous "knuckes" and waggly eyebrows and the whole congratulatory nine-yards (see previous posts about how this always backfires).
And then we took off.
And then... the screaming.
And the kicking.
And the clawing.
And the two-year-old back-bend/shimmy of doom.
About an hour later, Preston had taken Jaxon to the back of the plane where he was thrown from an emergency exit for reals where he found solace in the quiet and confining area of the restroom. And peace came over the entire jet.

And for the next few hours, he sat on our laps and looked out the window and I absolutely lied to that child and told him there were butterflies! And George! (Grandpa's cat) And Hendrix! outside the plane window. And he gave them knuckles and muahses and Preston and I once again gave eachother waggly eyebrows of congratulations. Parents of the year award? In the bag, baby.

Once again, may I direct your attention to how this always backfires.

We began our descent, which happened to unfortunately coincide with Jaxon finally conking out, chin balanced on the edge of the airplane window mid-muahses...
And then... the screaming.
And the kicking.
And the clawing.
And the two-year-old back-bend/shimmy of doom.

And by the time we got off that plane, I had devolped several nervous ticks, and I tried to monitor the vein in Preston's forehead in case it exploded.

And then we drove home and all went to sleep. The end.
[Preston says I'm in denial about that last part, but I don't want to remember the rest].


And, as promised much earlier in the week, Vanessa did indeed have a baby.
Yep, sure did--I wasn't lying, because I know there are a few of you out there that thought maybe I was.
What? You demand proof?

Cue the Proud Auntie Pictures!

Adrian Phillip Ruiz said "Hello Mom and Dad" yesterday evening at 8:54 PM (North Carolina time), weighing in at 9 pounds, .4 ounces and 22 inches long. His Daddy reports he has hair, but all I can see is a hat. And I can report that he sounds adorable. Cuteness rating on a scale of 1-10? About a freakin gazillion! This Auntie is thinking about moving to North Carolina for the winter!


Trezise Momma said...

Awww, cute little Adrian. Is your baby mojo meter running? Mine is, and I have a baby! Sorry the 2nd time around on the plane was not wonderful, but you have Hawaiian memories as a consolation. We cannot wait to see you guys! Party!

Amber said...

Welcome back to reality dear! Hopefully Hawaii didnt suck you into a new found life of mixed drinks, bare feet, grass skirts, and coconut bras! Long plane rides and kids rarely mix...I always tell mine that they will throw kids off who scream and for some reason Pais could care less and still acts up but Easton sits like an angel who doesnt want to get thrown out.

Amber said...

Tell Miss Erin to invite me to read her blog! My email is abarbeau0405@yahoo...STAT!

Fringers said...

Well aleast you made it home alive... I hope you had fun! Tell erin to invite me too please!