Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

So, Preston, with his power of persuasion (coupled with my lack of creativity and constitution) has demanded gently suggested that the pup shall henceforth be known as Hendrix (and I agreed because he was starting to respond to me yelling "Hey dog!"). He even has the name tag to seal the deal, so don't y'all be getting any ideas about puppy snatching, he's wearing our address (and you know that comment is directed to you, dear family, who had the pleasure of meeting said pup this weekend, and I just know that you're scheming to take him from me, but he's mine!)
Besides, you have hermit crabs. And a frog, who I am sorry to report that Preston confesses may be dying of internal injuries even as we speak, because your eldest son squeezed said froggy so hard showing him off to Uncle P--that the frog actually shot frog juice all over the place. Which, if you ask me, is pretty intense (but I think Uncle P was impressed with the distance achieved). And uh, Landy--if you get in trouble after your mother reads this post, I do apologize.
What else did we do this fine Labor Day weekend? Well... we saw:

Chickens (fancy ones!)

Itsy-bitsy, teeny weenie goats

The fattest bunny I've ever seen (and how does a bunny get fat on a carrot diet, wonders I)
The sassiest lady I know

Horrific gigantic-bouncy-induced injuries...

...and miraculous recoveries

... Avery, Tristan, Landon, Auntie Tara, Uncle Willy T, Auntie Erin, Grandma Ann, Uncle Shawn, Chelci, Brent the yard guy (or Erin's man, I'm confused)--and some of his family members!

In other words, we spent Saturday in Snowflake, being insanely jealous that the high there was 83, yes--that's an 8 and a 3--degrees... Fahrenheit I practically needed a parka, and Jaxon was beginning to wonder at what point he was going to be able to build his fist snowman. And yes, all of these things are in Tara and Will's back yard--holy crap, I know! Okay, maybe we went to a Sweet Corn festival... but you'll never know the truth, will you?

We then proceeded to spend Sunday sleeping and Monday looking at one another, wishing we were back in Snowflake.


Trezise Momma said...

Okay, I love to hate to love to read your blog. You have the most entertaining comments. Who else could have made the Taylor Sweet Corn Festival sound like the event of the summer. You'll have to come and envy our cool summer weather at least once more before the chilly winter weather sets in. Loves and kisses to both the Ruiz pups and their parental units.

Fringers said...

Sound like lots of fun... When we were in Payson I thought that we needed snow coats it was hard to believe that summer could be cool!