Friday, September 19, 2008

One long night

Oh, its beautiful here. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, even the gosh darn people are beautiful.
And then we bring our son with his two-year-old attitude here. He's made it virtually impossible to go out to dinner without a spectacle (we've avoided restaurants thus far, being within walking distance of The Ala Moana shopping center, and taking advantage of the excellent food court). Jaxon has been far from impressed, and usually lets everyone within a 10-mile radius know all about how unfair his parents are for bringing him to Hawaii in the first place. We mostly get pitying stares (the beautiful people are so understanding!).
And then, last night... inspiration. We hit McDonalds first, grabbed some of Jax's favorite nuggets, and let him eat on the way to the food court. He nibbled, he didn't make a squeak--Preston and I were giving each other high-fives and waggly eyebrows and the whole congratulatory nine yards. We stopped off and grabbed some delicious and cheap Chinese food, and let Jaxon have some Häagen-Dazs ice cream. He remained quiet and people-watched, only sampling his ice cream, which Preston and I ended up sharing. And the entire time, I was sitting there, looking at my suddenly cherubic child and thinking "Oh, I got him back, I got my sweet sweet baby back. That two-year old monster is banished!"
We strolled back to the Hotel with the intention of hitting a little store in the Lobby that sells Hawaiian shirts and the like... and stumbled upon gold. Ala Moana puts on a live broadcast from the Pakele Lounge each Thursday evening (Click here to check out the feed), and a little local bit of awesome called "The Pacific Blues" was closing the show--amazing. I was awestruck, Preston was awestruck, Jaxon clapped along and howled with delight, bouncing his head and tapping his toes in time... it was magic.
I have yet to find a website for the group, I'll keep you posted. They were too good not to share.
We found an adorable Hawaiian shirt for Jaxon, what with Ukuleles and the sort on it, and it fit, and everyone was delighted and happy and euphoric.
Then we got to the room and the stuff hit the fan. Almost literally. Jaxon started a fever, and we gave him two baths to try to cool him down, Tylenol and head compresses and he was still burning up. And then the screaming started. I would feel bad for our neighbor, but he was apparently enjoying the company of several (squealy) girls--who needed quite a lot of ice, which happens to be dispensed right outside our door.
We debated taking him to the Hospital (how hot is he? Can you tell? Me neither, but he feels hot). Preston finally came to the logical conclusion that a thermometer was needed and headed to the nearest 24-hour WalMart while I sat in bed with Jaxon. Preston no sooner closed the door, and Jaxon decided it was time to commence the vomiting and other nasty unmentionable substance portion of our evening. By the time Preston came back with a thermometer, Jaxon and I both needed to be hosed down with bleach. But the fever had broken, and he was just slightly hot at that point--so we all went to bed. At one in the morning.
And now, he's back to his naughty self. One of the casualties last night was Jaxon's pajama pants--and he was checking himself out in the full-length mirror this morning, saying "no no no" with his hands on his hips (What, kid? I wasn't precisely concerned about matching pajamas last night while you were extruding nasty bits of fluid all over) and he decided some shoes were in order. Maybe just one. Of Daddy's. Better, much better.

And here he is, mid-fit. Screaming for the camera. Isn't he darling?

Your bonus for reading this post in its entirety? Pictures of my yellow sailboat. I've watched it go out each and every morning since we got here, and it magically returns when I'm not watching, only to go out again the next morning. I love it, I want it. It will keep going out each morning, even after we're gone... and that makes me happy.

Expect more pics after the weekend, we're exploring the island starting tomorrow--as long as Jaxon decides to keep his bodily fluids to himself.

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Trezise Momma said...

My poor baby Jaxon! Technicolor barfing in Hawaii:( You know this is a story that will go down in infamy. At his graduation-"remember that time in Hawaii", at his wedding-"remember when Jaxon got sick in Hawaii", to his own duffers-"this one time, in Hawaii". And on top of it all, he remained true to his sense of fashion and was concerned about his jammies matching. You tell Jaxon that his Auntie Tara in Snowflake "feels ya dog" and hopes that he feels better. As for his two-year-old behavior, give em' hell baby J! (Wink wink) We love and miss you all! Hugs and kisses.