Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paradise FOUND

Last Thursday, I posted about a little local band we had the opportunity to listen to in Pakele Lounge here at the Ala Moana. Remember how I promised to track them down, where tracking means practically stalking?
Pacific Blu, I was searching for "Pacific Blues"--a gigantic "Mahalo" to the gentleman in B&N who knew exactly where to find their latest CD, Identity--the last one, which we purchased and have since enjoyed a few times over.
Its a pretty amazing CD, but I have to say here that I'm still loyal to my "IZ" [RIP]--he retains the "Heather's favorite Hawaiian" prize, and probably will forever. My heart belongs to you, IZ! (He's the gentleman that you're probably listening to right now, if you have the sound turned up on your computer--and if you don't... for shame).
All this Hawiian music has inspired Preston to try to pick up the Ukelele, and I think I would love to try it as well. I'll see how Preston does (he'll probably take to it like a duck to water, being an accomplished guitar player who can play just about anything by ear after a few minutes of plucking at strings).

Oh! And everyone stay close, Bryan and Vanessa are expecting the arrival of Mr. Adrian very soon, she went in this morning to be induced. I will post "proud Aunite" pics as soon as I get them in my hot little hands. We can't wait to see him, and I'm already having dreams of holding the kid. Good luck to Vanessa today, and lots of warm thoughts their way.

That concludes this morning's post.

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Erin Michele said...

Not quite. I still dont have a ring on my finger.


Soon Hopefully!!