Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I was up until all hours of the night--hemming Jennifer's pants by hand (which just happened to be freakin POLYESTER wide-leg trousers, mind you), and finally crawled into bed at, oh... the time that it starts to lighten outside, and about half-past the time it starts to lighten outside, Jaxon decided to greet the morning. Actually, it wasn't really Jaxon's idea. It went like this:

(Hendrix yowls, Preston gets up to let him out for a minute and starts to head back to bed, making a pit stop in Jaxon's room to check on him)
P: Heather?
H: Mmmmuuh?
P: Heather, are you awake? Jaxon is smelly.
H: Mmmmmuuh? Mm.
P: Heather? We need to wake him up and change his bottom, can you help me?
(Heather stumbles out of bed, hair askew and pajama shorts pulled up to her underarms. After a torturous search, she finds Jaxon's room--where Preston is gently waking Jaxon from a peaceful slumber, lifting him from his crib and setting him on the changing table)
P: Hey buddy, you stinky? Let Daddy change your bum.
(Heather is grasping the point to this... and grabs a diaper)
H: Hmmurrgh. Diaper...
J: Daddy!
P: Shhhh... it's still nighttime
(Preston removes the diaper from Jaxon's wiggly little bottom)
P: Oh. No, he's not stinky.
H: (Suddenly awake) You do realize that I'm probably going to kill you now.
J: Hungry!

So we fed him a cereal bar, and tried to put him back to bed. He didn't go back to sleep, and neither did we. This is how I've come to have 1/4 of my data entry already done at such an unholy hour of the day.

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Amber said...

So now Im curious...was Preston smelling his stinky ole self? Personally I think that both him and JBB owe you big...she kept you up and he woke you so really sit on the couch get some bon bons turn on some smut TV and let those two be your bitches for the day...ya dig!?!