Friday, September 12, 2008

T Bird's sense of style

Mr. Tristan David decided that the temptation of his mother's new washer and dryer (front load and stackable, no less!) was too much. He climbed atop his older brother's bike to get a gander at all the whirly-swirly shiny newness (you can see the clothes go round and round? Your Auntie Heather would have been right up on top of that bike with you, T Bird!), and gravity took over, breaking his arm in two places. Handling things with his trademark T Bird panache and flair, he dealt with his ungainly splint for a week. It was dubbed "the club" by his family. Useful? Yes (especially as a hook, for climbing higher on the monkey bars, as his Mom reports). Stylish? Nay.

Then, the week was up. And T-Bird then made everyone in America proud by exercising his right to choose. And choose he did.

...he chose the most fabulous bright pink cast the world has seen (such style, such grace!). And Tara and Willy T get the "Parents of the Year" award for not talking him out of it. You get down with your bad self, Bird. Nobody does it like you.

1 comment:

Amber said...

I personally just stood up and applauded his wise choice of pink! Nothing makes an owie better than accessorizing it in pink...I heart it.