Friday, September 12, 2008

Thanks to the advice from my personal IT dude, Colin--I am equipped to view, edit and share my home videos from my new vista-fied computer. Okay, let me back up. Colin isn't precisely IT. He's uber-IT, I don't know what he is... except genius. Can I begin to explain what he does? Nay, I don't have nearly as much smartspeak in my vocabulary as would be necessary to explain the enigma that is Colin. And let me nip the inevitable questions in the bud... he's taken, if I am not mistaken (and I'm rhymin!)--by a lovely talented young lady, Amy. So, no--you can't have his number for that purpose. Sorry.
Enjoy a home video showcasing Hendrix's intelligence. On his terms. Like, "Human--say "speak" a dozen times, then I'll think about obeying." I'm so sure he knows that I'm the pack leader. Notice me speaking to him like he's deaf? That's me being calm and assertive.
Hendrix. Proving Cesar Millan wrong every step of the way.

By the way, teaching your dog to "speak" isn't as good of an idea as it seems. Hendrix (who used to be such a quiet dog that Preston and I actually had the discussion of "Can Greyhounds even bark?") now associates "speaking" with "free foodstuffs". And thus, we've learned that Greyhounds do indeed bark.

This post can only mean one thing. The system is still down.

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Amber said...

I must say I am impressed! Are your dog training services for hire? Our thing I lovingly refer to as the mut does nothing! Jus eats and sleeps and doesnt pay rent...its a shame! O and where is the love? Hawaii for 2 whole weeks? Im sure we would have fun together on the beach and my kids could watch yours and not bug us. Hope it rains on ya ;)