Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ask and ye shall recieve...

By request, more Proud Auntie Pictures!

Isn't he just yummy? I have been having dreams of holding this kid! The fuzzy hair, the dark little newborn eyes, the cute little button nose, the kitten cry, that perfectly soft newborn skin, the tiny hands and feet and fingers and toes and sweet baby milk breath... The way they just melt into you when you hold them, and the way you can't seem to find a bone in their soft little body when you kiss them, they're so smooshy... I miss everything mushy and sweet and fuzzy and teeny weeny on babies.

I need a baby fix, NOW!


Trezise Momma said...

Thanks for responding so quickly with our request. He is beautiful, and Vanessa looks great!

joyMama said...

Heather, Preston must be very pleased with all your efforts, this WONDERFUL blog not the least of them! Thanks for sharing, from a part of the family that does not get to see y'all very often. Well done! Love from Uncle Bob and Aunt Roxanne Joy(joyMama)