Friday, October 10, 2008

Fuzzy Slipper Friday and Parenting 101

Parenting tips:

Give your child clear instructions.
"Jaxon, you're gonna clean today. Okay?"

Following through is everything.

And when they refuse, find an escape-proof time-out spot. Like Alcatraz. Or this:

Happy Fuzzy Slipper Friday! Here are my fuzzy slippers, reading the third novel in the Twilight Series, which is funny because it's exactly what I wish I were doing...

Legal Stuff:

The author doesn't really condone locking children in a kennel with the dog as a punishment. He got scrubbed with bleach had a bath shortly after the picture was taken... and yes, his laundry gets done--his shirt was an unfortunate victim of breakfasting.

1 comment:

Trezise Momma said...

The hound is getting big! We are sad he isn't coming for the birthday bash.
I am jealous of the slippers. I have not attained the 3rd book yet, so I may be forced to steal your copy. I cannot imagine you are reading it if you have let your slippers get to it.