Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm not dead

I actually had a certain family member call me last night to make sure everyone was okay because I "haven't blogged lately", which made me laugh. :) I won't mention names, but I love you, Tara.
And so, to reassure everyone--I shall blog. (Just don't tell Preston, I'm supposed to be working right now--but IMX's fantastic proprietary software is basically flipping me the bird this morning).
I need to dig all the way back to last weekend for blog material, and after a search through some unpacked boxes in the garage for the cord thingy for my camera, I can also provide pictures...
We hit the road early Saturday morning for Snowflake to visit the whole family for Avery and Erin's birthdays. Now... in case anyone reading this doesn't know already, Miss Erin has found her soulmate--one Brent Willis, who being the awesome dude that he is, brought a Shetland pony to the party for the kids. Jaxon, Landon and Tristan spent a good half-hour or so wearing poor Bob out, demanding rides and refusing to let the poor pony eat in peace.

Front to back: Jaxon, Tristan, Landon and Uncle Shawn leading

Jaxon and Uncle Shawn

And then, Mom demanded a family picture--which sucked, because nobody was warned beforehand and so I know I wasn't the only one donning last year's thermal shirt that is functional, but not necessarily stylish--as well as wind-abused hair that was pulled into a hair clip to keep myself looking like a hedgehog (okay, maybe I was the only one...)

Back row, left to right: Preston, Me, Jennifer, Avery, Tara, Will, Erin

Front row, right to left: Tristan, Shane, Landon, Mom, Shawn, Jaxon

We had a great time visiting, and wish we could have stayed longer!

A Happy Fuzzy Slipper Friday to all... here they are, checking out the back yard--which is where I expect to spend the majority of the weekend... cleaning. Notice the hose that a certain hound has been playing with? And they toys strewn about? And the shrubs that require trimming? And the porch that needs sweeping...?

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Trezise Momma said...

Glad to know that all is well. I was getting worried about you guys. Your backyard looks better than mine after the wind got through with it. I hope you read my post about the double birthday bash, and that Jaxon and I's request has been noted.