Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its lonely being a Blues Man

Preston bought Jaxon a harmonica a few months ago, and Jaxon finally figured it out yesterday. He's already got his "Blues stance" down; leg ever-so-casually propped on a gate, leaning back against a wall (I think he needs to incorporate the two-handed harmonica hold/lean-in with closed eyes, but we'll work on that)... John Popper, watch out!

Also a picture from yesterday morning, he decided to start the day by rubbing my tummy and saying "hello" to the new baby (via belly-button-megaphone (so that's what belly-buttons are for, thinks I!)). We've been asking him if its a baby brother or a baby sister, and he usually just repeats whichever we asked last... but this time, he informed me that its an alligator. With teeth. Yikes.

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Trezise Momma said...

He's got the music in him. What a talent. And hey, you never know. the new baby MIGHT be an alligator, with teeth.