Thursday, December 25, 2008

The festive pictorial

Festivities kicked off last night with the annual pj party:

Daddy and Jaxon

Hugh Heffner Mommy and Jaxon

And this morning, Jaxon was uncerimoniously yanked out of bed and made to open presents, it was only with the promise of Hot Chocolate that he agreed to this arrangement in the first place.

Sorry so dark. Again, I don't have professional equipment. Just a Kodak camera.

Jaxon manned up to the task ahead and it didn't take him long to take his job seriously.

Even Hendrix got to join in the fun (look at him sitting down like a good boy!)

Merry Christmas from the Ruiz Family!

1 comment:

The Thomson Family said...

Mike is totally jealous of Jaxon's man cave!
Guess we know what he'll be getting next year. :P