Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A quick Jaxon anecdote to tickle the funny bone first thing this chilly morning.

Last night, while ushering Jaxon to the back for bed (late, might I add--Jaxon managed to stay quiet enough that neither his father or I noticed the time slowly slipping into the 9 o'clock hour--we were mailing out our Christmas cards, letters and pictures try not to get too excited) we made a pit stop in the bathroom so I could wash his hands and face and brush his teeth. While I waited for the water to warm up, I put some paste on his toothbrush and set it aside. I busied myself with wetting down a washcloth when I became aware that Jaxon was standing on the very tippy-top of his tip-toes, trying to get a hold of the toothbrush.

The conversation went like this:
H: Hang on buddy, lets wash your face and manos [hands] first.
J: Ungghhh... unnngh (reaching)
(Jaxon rocks back onto the balls of his feet and looks up at me, then stands on his tip-toes again and slaps futilely at the counter top just short of the toothbrush. He fixes me with another stare and steps back)
J: Short, mom.

According to Mirriam-Webster:
Short \ˈshȯrt\ adjective:
1 a having little length; b not tall or high [Jaxon cannot reach his toothbrush, therefore Jaxon is short]
2 seeming to pass quickly [Jaxon has made great progress in just a few short years]


Jennifer said...

He's so smart!!

Amber said...

I hope we are on your Christmas card list!

Fringers said...

Wow! The things they say will blow you away!

Trezise Momma said...

Jaxon is not short, he is dynamite, and dynamite comes in small packages!

Joyce said...

That's my boy!! He so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Jaxon is perfect just the way he is...
Love grandson
Love grandma Dina