Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, JoJo!

Dear Joyce,
Wow, a whole year and some change has passed since we left Las Vegas--and we miss you more every day!
I still remember the first time you and I really talked in Cottonwood... and our conversation went something like:
"Hey Joyce, I'm gonna go to lunch and Gloria said you would take the phones for me?"
"I'm kidding, go to lunch"

Soon, a friendship blossomed, and I began to understand that Joyce humor. :)
I thank the Lord every day for my Joyce, you've been there for me and my family through thick and thin (more "thick" than thin these days *wink*), good times and bad. You are more than a friend, you're family--and we're proud to call you that.
You're a selfless person, always giving to others at your own expense. You have raised a wonderful boy and are always around to help me raise mine. I always know I can count on my JoJo for a bit of advice. You have such an amazing strength that you manage to share with everyone around you.
You were there the day my our (just don't tell Preston) son was born, and loved him the very instant you laid eyes on him (probably before), and were by my side to see so many of his firsts. You've been a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear to vent to, and someone to hug when I needed it. I hope you know how very much you are loved by not only me, but Preston and especially Jaxon--who still points out his JoJo in pictures and sends you kisses, no matter how long its been since he last saw you, and I hope you know that you're my hero.

Happy Birthday, JoJo!

P.S.--Preston says we'll be there for a visit soon!


Joyce said...

Wow... Thanks babe. I really needed that today. Thanks for being there for me earlier today too. You guys mean the world to me! Love you all!!

Trezise Momma said...

Happy Birthday Joyce! I don't know you well, but Heather loves you, so I do to!
BTW-Heather, love your new picture at the top of your blog! And you said they didn't turn out well. That one is too cute with you guys looking at Jaxon!

Joyce said...

Any family of Heather's is mine as well! I feel as I have known you because of Heather's many family stories that I love. Who ever said family had to be blood? I follow your blog as well. I hope you don't mind. Love always, Joyce AKA Jo-Jo.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Joyce!! We all do love and care for you tremendously!! You are an amazing part of the family!!

Joyce said...

Thanks Jennifer! I love this family!!