Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The adventures of WonderBoy and BlogDog

Donning his thermalelastic deathray-resistant front-zipping one piece sportsuit, WonderBoy was spotted this morning, solving Tinytown's traffic problem.

Setting them up.Down the track they go...
...into the man cave...
...for easy collection!

BlogDog faithfully stood er, sat ergonomically lounged by, ready to intervene if called upon.

Orbison wouldn't deign to appear, instead he stayed tucked up in his cozyhole in the rafters and mocked our mortal naivete.

It's another innovative morning at the Ruiz household!


Trezise Momma said...

Love the collection point for the cars. Very ingenious! I am glad that Hendrix was at the ready, should duty call. I am even more glad that the "blogger paparazzi" had her camera ready to shoot and share these priceless photos. Love it!

The Thomson Family said...

Jax is so cute! I can't get over it!

I think Orbison's got the right idea!

Amber said...

Typical man...collecting all their mess into one spot so they wont have to pick up after themselves! Hes starting so young!