Monday, January 19, 2009

Bedazzled, for Will

According to my calculations, this shirt would:
  • use about 1.5 million plastic jewels
  • take 100,000 man-hours
  • destroy 350 bedazzler machines
  • result in a dozen or so carpal tunnel release surgeries
  • create a carbon footprint larger than China's
  • weigh 75 pounds
  • be visible from the International Space Station with the naked eye

Liberace and Elvis are in heaven; crying.


Trezise Momma said...

I am crying! It is just awesome. He may have to do some bulking up to wear a shirt that is 1/3 his body weight, but it is awesome just the same.

Trezise Momma said...

Will wants to know if it will be ready in time for the Super Bowl.

Heather Ruiz said...

I will put Jaxon to work right away--he requests one meal break a day, ungrateful little wretch! You may have to sacrifice a little workmanship... but the blindess caused by this much bling may prevent people from noticing...