Thursday, January 1, 2009

Morning Announcements

The award for
"Most Superfluous Advancement in Dental Hygiene"
goes to:
Colgate Max Fresh Toothbrush
for having a mint-scented brush handle designed to
"enhance the brushing experience".

Also voted 2008's

"Conception most likely to provoke the gag reflex".

And yes, yes, I do own this exact toothbrush, which has led me to wonder for the very first time in my life if the scent of my toothbrush and the flavor of my toothpaste pair well.

I'm now available for pairing consultations. Wine/food is soooo last year.


Trezise Momma said...

Took that one right off my Wal-Mart list. Thanks.

Joyce said...

This blog is getting too commical-ized. Hee-hee! Can't wait to see you!!