Thursday, January 15, 2009

The smell of awesome

11 PM, last night
The Queen Creek Ruiz's are fast asleep, having completed a full day of travel. Heather's cell phone rings, Preston jumps out of bed and wrestles it out of its charger. Seeing the caller is Vanessa, he shoves the phone in Heather's sleepy hand--but too late, the call has gone to voicemail. Preston urges Heather to call Vanessa back, and while Heather's sleepy mind is still trying to make sense of the buttons on her phone, the phone lights up and begins ringing again. Vanessa's number and picture flash on the screen. Registering enough alarm (Bryan, Vanessa and Adrian are all in Hawaii, Bryan had surgery on Monday), Heather answers the phone, and is slightly confused to hear Bryan's excited voice on the other end. The following conversation is as Heather's sleepy mind recorded--but definitely not word-for-word.

H: Hello?
B: Hey Heather! It's your midnight wake-up call!
H: Oh
B: It's Bryan
H: Hi Bryan
B: Vanessa just called you and left a message, but I'm calling you back because she didn't tell the whole story. We just saw Steven Tyler!
H: Oh
B: And originally we were 10 2 (correction via Bryan, I told you I was asleep) feet from him, and I kept telling Vanessa "Hey, there's Steven Tyler!" but she was all "Nooooo", and I was all "Look at him, nobody but Steven Tyler could have that mouth!" and finally she looked, when were like 45 feet from him and was all "Yeah, hey--that's Steven Tyler! Let's call Heather!" So we're calling you.
H: That's crazy
B: Yeah, so okay! Goodnight!

And about 30 seconds after I hung up the phone, I realized what Bryan had just said--and couldn't go back to sleep. What does he look like in person? Did they get a picture? Wasn't he surrounded by security? How do you stand 10 2 feet from Steven Tyler and not SMELL the awesomeness? Why didn't I get to see Steven Tyler in Hawaii??? Why wasn't Vanessa a good sister, knowing I was like... his BIGGEST FAN, and have HIM leave me a voicemail?!?!?

Upon further inspection, my phone decided to deliver said voicemail from Vanessa at some point today--and it appears that Steven Tyler was patronizing The Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki. Perhaps Vanessa could smell Steven Tyler's awesomeness--perhaps it smells like cheesecake.


Jennifer said...

Oh my sister... I will pray for you... Haha... JK that's freakin awesome, but if I ever meet Steven Tyler I will definitely ask him if he would leave you a voicemail instead of me...

Elmo's World said...

who the heck is Steven Tyler?

Heather Ruiz said...

MOM! The lead singer of Aerosmith!!?!? C'mon.