Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vegas, the Pictorial

We ate breakfast. $30.00 worth of breakfast, and it wasn't delicious. Preston has his angry eyes on.
We also went bowling, and Jaxon did a lot of snuggling.
I tried to get a picture of Jaxon's face, but he was experiencing some carpet-induced motion sickness. Instead, you may admire the wispiness of his hair. Or the carpet. Or both.
Jaxon and JoJo snuggled some more and enjoyed a few laughs.
Kyle managed to get some texting done.
We played games, talked and laughed and ate, and enjoyed the company of JoJo and Kyle so much that I kept forgetting to be a good little blogger and take pictures.

And now for the "Uh" portion of today's post:
...and then they made paper airplanes to throw out our Hotel room's window. Why? Because we were on the 14th floor perhaps. Or because the pool was directly below us. Or because you had to execute the throw while standing in the bathtub with your left hand out a one-foot-wide window that only opened out three or so inches. Or maybe its because they're boys.



hendywow said...

I'm pretty sure it's a Boy thing!

Trezise Momma said...

Does Preston view your blog, or is he blissfully unaware of the blackmail material you have posted? Just wondering. Glad you had a good time. BTW-that carpet made me a little ill.

Joyce said...

You left out the part that the airplanes were made out of the pages in the phone book. We had three two year olds. Hee-hee! We had a great time. Miss you already. Kiss my boy for me.

Heather Ruiz said...

Joyce... did you read the last paragraph? lol. I think you're getting blind in your old age.
I'm so glad I'm 5 hours away right now, I can feel the slap that's coming!

Love you JoJo!!!

Joyce said...

Don't make me come over there young lady!!

Heather Ruiz said...

I'm not skeered!