Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We can check another of life's grand experiences off our list.

We had our very first "foreign object lodged in orifice" experience and if I can quit laughing over the word "orifice", I'll get on with the story.
Jaxon decided today that a raisin would be more fun if lodged in his nostril. His right nostril to be exact. Then, re-thinking his decision, he showed me his handiwork. Instinct kicked in and I pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to keep the raisin from traveling in a northern direction, I only succeeded in affirming his fears that this was, indeed, a very bad idea. He promptly twisted free of my grasp and as I was saying "Don't sniff"...
He. Sniffed.
I practically watched the raisiny bulge move from the entrance of his nostril to his sinus cavity. Then I did what any other grown, independent woman would do in this situation.
I called his father.
So we spent some quality family time in the Urgent Care this afternoon. Jaxon was introduced to the nose probe, or as he would like to refer to it, the "Nose Probe of DOOM" and had the distinct honor of being seen by not one, but two Doctors. Neither could locate the raisin, and just before the panic I was trying to reign in broke loose, the second of the Doctors reassured us that Jaxon probably sniffed the raisin into his soft palate and swallowed it.
All I could think was "Wow, that was one heck of a sniff".
"Raisin Head", waiting at the Urgent Care

"Raisin Head" has been prescribed gratuitous box-car rides until cured.


Joyce said...

Yup... all kids have to try stuffing things in their noses or ears, sometime both. Sounds like momma made it thru it alright. Love you all.

Jennifer said...

Tehehehe.... I couldn't stop laughing!! No joke, this made my day!! I know it probably didn't make yours but it surely made mine!! Love you guys!!

Trezise Momma said...

He comes by this naturally. I had to tell on you more than once for sticking rocks up your nose when we were little. At least it was organic. Haha. Love that boy and all his shenanigans! See you this weekend, but no raisins please!

The Thomson Family said...

Jaxon, if yuo ever see a white-trash-looking guy coming your way- saying, "I'm here for you."