Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There have been big improvements, fellas! Big, cushy red couches and out with that sad desk and chair, in with big comfy chair and ottoman and lap desk where I can work and blog in comfort. Gone are the days of Hendrix lounging on the couch, and in with the dog bed, on the floor, where he belongs.
And I'm not done. I have plans, my friends--big plans involving paint and more paint and an area rug and pillows and throws and repainting that lamp and did I mention paint?
Benjamin Moore "Dill Pickle" to be exact, and some brown--or lots of brown.
And in other news, may we have a moment of silence for the demise of the old vacuum cleaner that has served this family for three years?
Thank you, and let me lament the days where a vacuum was made to last, none of this piddly three-year crap.
However, I find myself completely attracted to its replacement, who is shiny and has all of its on board attachments.


Angela said...

I'm "Dill Pickle" with envy! :)

Trezise Momma said...

Broken vacuums are the bane of my existence! I hope your new one lasts and lasts.
I love the new look, except the feature of the bum print left on the couch. I'm kinda sensitive about my print.

Jennifer said...

I'm with Tara, I'm sensitive about my bum print too... Overall I love the new look and can't wait for the paint!!

hendywow said...

Fun! I love redecorating, it's lookin good so far!