Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Graduation, the belated pictorial

Shawn, goofing off

Shane and Deanna posed for the camera

Discussing the possibility that Preston was lying about graduating...

Waiting for Uncle to come out.

Excited to see Daddy!

Family, row one...

Family, row two...

Men (and ladies) in kilts!

Gratuitous snuggling.

Preston's presumably somewhere in there.

Preston receiving his UoP propaganda "diploma". I think.

Preston is the black dot walking down the stairs. I think. Telescopic lens, anyone?

And then we all ate lunch together and Auntie played peek-a-boo with Miss A.

The End.
No pictures of the graduate in, er, graduation gear are available at this time--as it was apparently too bloody hot to keep the cap and gown on long enough to find the official photographer (ahem--me) for proper documentation. Preston has, however, agreed to re-enact the graduation "as soon as he has time". I will be passing around an online petition for reenactment soon.


Waiting for Tomorrow said...

Thats awesome!!! Cute pictures!!
Tell him to put that gown and cap back on, we need offical pictures! lol

Trezise Momma said...

Tell Preston to get that cap and gown on for a picture, or you will sic shocky on him.