Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Deb!

Deb is a fairly new addition to our family, she and my Dad married a little over two years ago. Deb is a wonderful mother, step-mother, grandmother and teacher. She is very patient, loving and has a good sense of humor (all of which comes in handy when dealing with my Dad!). Deb is an amazing crafter, turning out adorable things that should be sold in glossy magazines, and is also (I hear) a very talented piano player.
I wanted to thank you for letting us get to know you these last few years. It has been wonderful to live so close to you, Dad, and your daughters. We've enjoyed "dropping in" to visit (and let Jaxon play with all the toys) and appreciate being invited over for Holiday celebrations.
Happy (belated) birthday, Deb! We hope that this year brings many new blessings (I know of two that are due very soon!) and much more joy and laughter.

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Debra Willoughby said...

Thank You Heather! You are very sweet! We are so glad that you live close to us and are able to come over and visit!