Thursday, June 18, 2009


Have you found yourself wondering why the list of Jaxon's nicknames includes "Drama"?
Well. Let me tell you.

Some of this week's examples (and it's only Thursday!):
During a Doctor's visit over the weekend, we were called in to the triage room to have Jaxon weighed and have his temperature taken (you know, the usual stuff). The nurse politely asked Jaxon to step on the scale. Jaxon replied by gelatinizing himself into a puddle on the floor and screaming "Ouch!!! It HURTS!" I then scooped him up, deposited him on the scale long enough to register his weight, and plopped him in a chair. Jaxon calmed down just in time for the thermometer of DOOM to be introduced to his ear, which apparently hurts so bad that it warranted not one, but two "suckards" [suckers] from another nurse, who in my opinion, is exactly that (a sucker) for giving them to Jaxon in the first place. As soon as the suckers appeared, Jaxon's crocodile tears miraculously disappeared.

Jaxon woke up with a scratch on his ankle the other morning. I asked him what happened to his foot, and he replied (without a second's hesitation) that Hendrix bit him. Never mind that Hendrix hadn't even been out of his kennel yet that morning.
Later the same day, Jaxon's story changed. Hendrix had scratched him.
And by the evening, Hendrix had stabbed him.

He makes my life so much more interesting.


Trezise Momma said...

Hendrix really must stop biting, scrathing, and stabbing his boy!

Jennifer said...

Haha... But he's oh so cute...