Tuesday, September 29, 2009


He couldn't listen, he wouldn't listen. Countless hours of my life have been devoted to telling Mr. Jaxon Robert that if he does not stop jumping on the couches right now, he will bonk his head, hurt his arm, hurt Hendrix, break his toy, make me crazy, get sent to time out... etc.

And today was the day that Madame Mommy's direst of predictions came true (well, not direst--if that's even a word, and I daresay it probably isn't). Jaxon fell off the couch, and broke his fall with his arm, which also... well

Looks sad, huh? I know, I can't even gloat properly (that I was right, and he should have listened), it's that pitiful. Despite the pterodactyl-like bulk of the splint, it is a single fracture right above his wrist. He'll get a (less enormous) cast (hopefully) tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lucky 7

Seven years ago today, I married my High School sweetheart, best friend and Price Charming, Preston. Like any good fairy tale, we have had our fair share of challenges.
(Not the least of which includes potty training a two-year-old and housebreaking a Greyhound).

But after all these years, we're still living happily ever after.
Happy anniversary, babe. I love you more than you know.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The right way to start your day

Like many of us, Jaxon enjoys a fresh pastry and a little reading to get his morning going.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Jaxon takes bed nesting to a whole new dimension.
For you folks out there that have had the joy of experiencing Mr. Jaxon Robert at bedtime, you know that he has meticulously catalogued each and every beloved item--and, if they are not already in his crib, he will ask for them one by one until everything is in it's place (he has a filing system that has yet to be cracked by the code breakers, but we're working on it).
For those of you unfamiliar with bedtime... behold:

Not even I was aware of the extent of this toddler OCD until this afternoon, when upon thinking to myself "Self, this is an important (read: time consuming) ordeal in the Ruiz household, you should share it with the world"--I snapped this picture, and realizing that photographic evidence doesn't begin to do justice to the mound of hidden toys under toys, I decided to pull each item out, one by one, and make you all a list.

  • One sippy cup of water
  • One pillow
  • One Wall-E blanket
  • Two baby dolls
  • Four books
  • Four Hot Wheels Cars
  • One Hot Wheels Airplane
  • Two Action Figures (Iron Man and Iron Monger)
  • Three plastic bugs (grasshopper, ant and spider)
  • Eleven stuffed animals
  • One Jaxon

Even I'm shocked.