Tuesday, September 29, 2009


He couldn't listen, he wouldn't listen. Countless hours of my life have been devoted to telling Mr. Jaxon Robert that if he does not stop jumping on the couches right now, he will bonk his head, hurt his arm, hurt Hendrix, break his toy, make me crazy, get sent to time out... etc.

And today was the day that Madame Mommy's direst of predictions came true (well, not direst--if that's even a word, and I daresay it probably isn't). Jaxon fell off the couch, and broke his fall with his arm, which also... well

Looks sad, huh? I know, I can't even gloat properly (that I was right, and he should have listened), it's that pitiful. Despite the pterodactyl-like bulk of the splint, it is a single fracture right above his wrist. He'll get a (less enormous) cast (hopefully) tomorrow.


Auntie Ness said...

Well, congrats on your first broken bone dude. You are a Ruiz, and we all knew it would happen someday. Your cousin Adrian isn't to far behind ya!!

Angela said...

Poor Jax.

Nothing's sadder than a pterodactyl that can't fly.
Maybe if he jumps on the couch again he'll get enough lift? : )

Trezise Momma said...

Poor Jaxon. The Pterodactyl has had his wings clipped.

Jennifer said...

He likes his Pteradactyl wing... It's awesome, except for at bed time cuz then it's not so awesome!!