Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanks, Aunt Ness, Uncle Bryan and cousin Adrian!

Ness: I got your message today, and tried to call back--but we live in an apparent cellular black hole that wouldn't let me call out. I sent a text, but am not sure if that even made it out. We did indeed recieve your package, and I thought I'd post the following pictures:

Jaxon loves the books and helmet. He's a very good police officer, and is indeed making not only his Mom, but Hendrix bonkers. You know your nephew well (in fact, Santa is going to return the very same helmet back to Toys R Us this weekend--you and Santa apparently have the same taste!). The books even caused some controversy between Jaxon and Amanda, since Jaxon is new to the concept of sharing.
Thank you, Aunt Ness, Uncle Bryan and cousin Adrian (and little unnamed)! We love and miss all of you!

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