Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Five Sense"

Shamelessly snagged from Angela's blog.

My best bloggy friend, Angela, has challenged those of us that read her blog to give our "five sense" about being a homemaker. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Angela's blog yet, you should swing by and check it out. Aside from being adorable and having an adorable family to match, Angela happens to be one of the most inspirational and creative people I have had the pleasure of meeting (well, maybe not in person--yet).
To see what the challenge is all about, what prize is at stake (and to say "Hi" to Angela!), visit her blog by clicking here.
Here are my "five sense":

1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.
My number one must-have cleaning product, these little suckers are just plain amazing. I have yet to find something (that isn't on my child) they will not remove, and with a husband, three-year old, and a dog--that's saying something. Crayon on the table? It cleans that right up. Stubborn soap scum on the shower floor? It takes care of that, too. Mystery stain on the tile? Done. I nearly panic when I'm down to my last eraser.

2. Dinner Time
With a husband that puts in long hours at work, goes to school, and has a long commute--family time, particularly during the week, is at a premium. We make an effort to sit down together and eat as a family when we can (which, I'm happy to say is more often that not!). Even if we're chowing on some delivery pizza before Preston has to crack open the books to study, it makes a real difference to have those uninterrupted moments at the table so we can share how our day went, enjoy Jaxon's stories--and just be a family before the hubub of the evening (baths, bedtime routines) begin.

3. The Y
My sanity, my saving grace--I cannot say enough wonderful things about the YMCA. If you have a Y close to you, and you aren't a member--you should seriously consider it. For a very low monthly fee we get two hours of childcare a day so that we can work out. In addition, ours boasts a hot tub, a pool with a kiddie area (I imagine most have a pool), plus there are lots of opportunities to take classes and participate in family events. It's a win-win situation, the kids get some time away from Mom, Mom gets time away from the house--and nothing busts stress faster than a good turn at the stair stepper or the ab machine of doom. Admittedly, we haven't been much in the last few months--but I honestly can't wait to jump back into a workout routine once Miss C is born!

4. Keep it Simple
As a work-at-home Mom that frequently puts in upwards of 6 hours of work time a day, I don't have near as much time for housekeeping as I used to. I try to compensate with simple solutions--I keep a canister of Lysol wipes in each of the bathrooms and in the kitchen to help keep things clean in between proper (weekend) cleanings. We also utilize baskets and bins so Jaxon can keep his own room and play room clean, a basket by the front door to catch everyone's shoes as they come in, and hooks on the wall by the garage door to catch bags and purses as we come home from grocery shopping. All these solutions keep the mess and clutter under control until I have more time to take care of it properly.

5. My camera
...and a sense of humor. When all else fails me, I try to remember that there will be a day that I will miss all of this insanity--a day when my house is immaculate, and too, too quiet. So when Jaxon uses latex paint to decorate the kitchen floor, or Hendrix comes in the house covered in mud--I try to remember to take a picture so I can laugh later, and keep it in perspective. After all, there's a reason the good Lord made little boys (and hounds) washable!


Caitlin said...

Thanks for sharing! Definitely love the idea of having lysol wipes in the bathrooms, I think I'm going to go buy some & start doing that. Then I can just do a quick wipe of the sinks every so often.

The Barton Family said...

Cute post!! I love those erasers too!! Can't wait to meet this new baby!

Anonymous said...

Good God above! Whatever you do, you must stay away from the Magic Eraser!!! Especially if you have children, and expecially even more if you are pregnant!!!

The main cleaning ingredient in the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is FORMALDEHYDE, which is both a powerful carcinogen and a mutagen. Never ever touch one without wearing thick rubber gloves! Do not allow your chilren anywhere near the cleaning residue after you use it!

You can get cancer from formaldehyde, and your unborn baby can be harmed before birth!

Please, please, please consider and reconsider what you are doing!!!

- A Maternity Nurse Who Has Seen What Happens

Heather Ruiz said...

Dear Anyonymous:
I appreciate your concern, but the rumor that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers contain formaldehyde is in fact, a myth. The sponges are made of a non-toxic copolymer.
For additional information, please refer to the US Department of Health & Human Services: