Thursday, March 11, 2010


When faced with the imminent arrival of a new family member, many mothers feel the urge to "nest", which is usually a frenzy of cleaning the baseboards with bleach and and scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush.
I, however, preferred this time to "feather my nest". Perhaps because my husband made the mistake of buying me a sewing machine.
Mistake, I say, because the poor man has been living in a veritable landmine of fabric and buttons and snowdrifts of clipped thread.
Behold: the fruits of my labor.

The drawer-pull hanging pegs (for Camdyn's room). Actually, this was just my idea--Preston made it happen (because it involved power tools, which I'm not quite trusted with yet). Very cute, he did a good job.

"Treasure pouches"--I made 8, one for each of my older nieces and nephews and one for Jaxon (there are 7 pictured because he took off with his the moment it was finished). There are poly pellets in each pouch and several little treasures they can find by squishing them around. The laminated name cards have a list of all the treasures printed on the back. Make sense?

"Busy blanket and loveys"--one large blanket and four small crinkly loveys. I originally made the blanket-size, and decided that I also wanted to make some smaller loveys. I did the google (did anyone get that reference?) and found a nifty trick to make them "crinkley"--that is, noisy, and made one for each of my small nephews and niece, and a small one for Camdyn. They have different sized and textured ribbons attached around the edges to keep little fingers busy, and I added a paci holder for the boys, and linkadoos to a corner on each small lovey so they can be attached to a stroller or car seat. These turned out really cute.

Last but not least, a large minky blanket (my genius on this one? The felt flowers are removable so I can wash the blanket without worrying about their colors running!) and two stuffed felt teething purses (which I'm most proud of because I think they turned out really adorable--the handles are linkadoos--and as far as I know, this is a Heather original). Aren't they fabulous?

I have a few other projects in mind, but they're going to have to wait...


Angela said...

The obvious question here is, where’s mine? :)

Fluteloop said...

Wow I'm so impressed! Ann gave Ara a treasure pouch when she was small (she actually called it a busy bag I think). Ara won't let me give it away even though she never uses it anymore! You're making me want a sewing machine haha.

Trezise Momma said...

You are quite the domestic goddess, and I am glad that all of my kiddos benefited from your "nest feathering". You need to start an online store and sell this stuff!!