Thursday, September 30, 2010

Because where there's smoke, there's fire.

"What the..."

 "What is that?"
*Searching the kitchen*

My darling son has been squirreling away corn dog sticks under his booster seat.  I found 5--6 if you count the one that got stuck in the vacuum.
Anyone want to know how long that took him to amass such a respectable amount?
(Yeah, I don't either).
Anyone care to take bets on whether or not he has other stashes around the house?
Anyone impressed that I knew that if I found one, there'd be more?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Est. 2002

Preston and I celebrate our eighth Anniversary today.  To get you all into the spirit of things, I thought I'd share some facts about us:
  • We had a science class together when I was a Freshman in High School, Preston was a Sophomore. 
  • I thought he was cute.  He ignored me.  I dated another boy in the same class instead.
  • We had another class together a few years later.  This time I was a Junior, Preston was a Senior.  The class: Accounting.
  • I don't like Accounting, but I liked Preston.
  • I was dating someone else at the time.
  • Preston suddenly began to hang out in the Library during 3rd period, where I was a TA.  I thought this was a lucky coincidence.
  • Preston doesn't like to read, but he liked me.
  • I tried to set Preston up with some of my friends.
  • I heard through the grapevine that Preston liked me and dumped my boyfriend the next day.
  • We officially started dating December 19, 2000.
  • Preston proposed the night I graduated from High School.
  • We eloped to Las Vegas 4 months later--just 6 weeks and a handful of days after I turned 18.
  • Preston was 19.
  • We'd gone to a Journey concert the night before. 
    ♪♫Don't stop... believin'...
  • We originally intended to get married in Laughlin, but as it was a Sunday, the courthouse was closed.  So we drove the extra hour or so and tried our luck in Vegas.
  • We were pulled over on the Nevada side of Hoover Dam on our way to Vegas.
  • We still don't know why we were pulled over.  Could be because Preston drove a bright-orange car at the time with a fin on the back.
  • In his defense, The Fast and The Furious was big back then.
  • We were married in a small chapel near the courthouse.  Preston's Mom was our witness.
  • I wore my prom dress, which happened to be white.  Preston dressed in the suit he'd worn to prom as well.
  • We drove home that same day, but stopped off in Kingman to take pictures.  We bought a tiny cake for the occasion.
  • We later moved to Las Vegas and had our son there.
I look back at those days and realize just how immature and silly we were, how crazy it was for two kids fresh out of High School to get hitched and attempt to cobble together a life with infant careers and no idea of the direction we wanted to go. The sum of our relationship was often greater than its parts in those early days, but here we are.  It has been quite a ride; incredibly hard at times, but I wouldn’t change it. We’ve grown up together, learned some of life’s most difficult lessons, matured, and have gone from penniless small-town kids to successful adults with two beautiful children. I couldn’t ask for a finer husband, a better provider, or a more affectionate father for my children.
I doubt that anyone in the history of mankind has ever been so thankful for an Accounting class.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silhouette project

What I worked on last weekend: