Monday, March 14, 2011


Shakin' her thang

Miss Camdyn turned one over the weekend.  We won't go into how utterly impossible it is that my baby girl is already a year old, or what this has done to my psyche.  No, we won't go there...
Here are some quick Camdyn facts:

  • Camdyn is all girl.  We often find her playing in the laundry, finding pretty articles and draping them over herself, uttering "oooh" at the effect.  She also loves shoes, if she can't find someone to put them on her feet, she'll wear them on her hands.
  • Our little lady loves to dance.  And she is pretty good at shakin' her groove thang.
  • Camdyn's number-one goal in life is to be near her brother.  Whether she's aggravating him or not, she loves to be right next to him.
  • Camdyn sings herself to sleep.  Every nap.  Every night.
  • Camdyn loves to eat.  Despite her itty-bitty stature, the lady loves to nibble on whatever she can find.  If you grab a bite, you better be prepared to share.
  • Camdyn is vocal.  Very vocal.  She rarely leaves us guessing at what she wants.  She also screeches; we're working on a more effective means of communication.
  • Camdyn loves Mommy just fine, but is a Daddy's girl through-and-through.  She's even got his brown eyes--and she uses them to her advantage.
  • Camdyn loves gadgets.  Give her a phone or let her type on your computer, and she'll be your best friend.
Happy first to our little Miss Bossy C.  You bring so much light, laughter and fabulousness into our lives.

"Wearing" Mommy's shoes