Friday, July 22, 2011

Chunky monkey "ice cream"

Who out there has seen that infomercial for "yonanas", the machine that turns frozen bananas into a healthy ice-cream substitute? Newsflash! If you have a blender, you don't need an appliance that is dedicated to making frozen banana purée! I have been freezing ripe bananas (just peel and stick in a freezer bag) for years for use in smoothies--they make them perfectly sweet and creamy and frosty. Just a little tip I picked up in the Army... ;)Anyhow, I saw the infomercial the other day and thought "Self, we could probably do that, and the kids would love it." And so, because it's Friday, and because it's hotter than the Devil's armpit... I did, and so did they.

Without further ado, Casa Cocina Ruiz presents:

Chunky monkey "ice cream"
You will need:
2 frozen, ripe bananas
Splash of milk (or soy milk, whatever your poison may be)
2 "fun sized" Snickers Squared
A blender
Cut banana and Snickers into small pieces. Toss into your blender, add a splash of milk, and give it a whirl--adding more milk, if necessary. Continue until desired consistency is achieved.
Now comes the hard part: do you eat it now, or put it into an airtight container and re-freeze for a firmer consistency? That's between you and your Maker. As for us, we ate it right then and there--though we were civilized enough to put it in bowls first, but just barely.

PS--Hello readers!  It's good to be back.  I will update you on the comings and goings of the Ruiz family soon.  Pinky swear.


Trezise Momma said...

Fun!! Looks like Camdyn loved hers.
So, can you eat bananas if they are frozen, or do they still make you itchy?

Heather Ruiz said...

Unless whatever I'm allergic to is cooked, it causes a reaction--though many of the foods I eat on a regular basis (bananas, for example) don't seem to cause as severe of a reaction anymore.